Exposed SOAP Webservice: Clear namespace of the SOAPAction

For a customer I'm rebuilding a (SOAP-)webservice in Outsystems. The webservice has to be an exact copy of the existing webservice for the parameters and SOAPAction.

In the original webservice the SOAPAction can be called directly without the namespace; see part of the wsdl:


In the webservice in Outsystems it is necessary to preceed the SOAPAction with the namespace (where webservices is the name of the:module en nameofwebservice the name of the exposed-soap service itself):

<soap:operation soapAction="http://Webservices/nameofwebservice/process" style = "document">

The namespace can be changed by the Module-property 'Web Services Namespace", but i want it to be empty.

Anyone know how to accomplish this?

Hi joost ,

So now your client is not able to call the SOAP service due to this ? i am assuming if didn't refreshed his wsdl he must be getting some error.



Hi PJ,

Thanks for your reply. We want the consumer of the webservice only to change the endpoint, without refreshing the wsdl. This is for testpurposes,  to be able to change quickly from  production to a test environment.


Hi Joost ,

Unfortunately we cannot keep it empty as platform internally manages it and by default it takes the module name and url but you can change it to something else also but cannot keep it empty.

Why don't you consume the new one with wsdl refresh , than you can easily change end point from service center for other environments.