[Html2PdfConverter] After updating I no longer see the option for farm environment

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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira

After updating to version 1.1.13 I no longer see the Farm environment option in our Dev/Test environment.
Now these environments only have 1 server, but our Prod environment has multiple front-ends, I am wondering if it is still safe to deploy this version to Prod, or if we should pick a previous version.

Please let me know.

Cheers, Joey.

Hi Joey,

The Farm Environment option was removed in November 2017 on version 1.1.9.

The reason for it was that because of a new security policy the component binaries are no longer deployed only in one frontend so they get copied to any front end before the pdf generation (if they are not already there).

So it should be safe for you to use it in a multi front end scenario but in any case let us know if you face any challenges.