Complex calculations based on millions of records

Did someone try to build OutSystems platform for querying, aggregating and apply calculations to big data tables? I mean tables with more than hundreds of millions of records. is that possible, if yes, how good the performance is at this case

Hi Mostafa,

You're requirements seem to be mostly handled by the database backend (so Oracle or SQL Server in OutSystems' case). Also, OutSystems applications will generate .net code for your logic, so performance-wise, your applications will have similar performance to other .net applications.

That being said, I tend to prefer to use the right tool for the right job, so depending on your exact needs, OutSystems might be just the right thing, or it may be better to use some other more targeted technology for your big data calculations and integrate it with OutSystems.

Hi Mostafa,

Those kind of complex calculation should be done directly on the database and only bring to Outsystems the final result that needs to be shown to the users.