[InAppBrowser Plugin] App freezes after closing InAppBrowser on iOS12

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Published on 7 Jun by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 7 Jun by OutSystems R&D

My mobile app freezes after I close the InAppBrowser. I believe this problem started after upgrading my iPhone to iOS12. The app will not respond to any touch anymore. I have to restart the app.

Hello, Dennis,

That doesn't sound good at all :\ . Could you reach us via a support case so we can have a small check and then forward it to the team if it doesn't add up?

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Simões

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for responding. I upgraded to Outsystems 11 and the new InAppBrowser component version and it seems to work again.


Glad to hear it! Strange that republishing solved it, since the last updated version from O10 was over a year ago (assuming there were no changes on the O11 version, other than the upgrade).

Be sure to lets know if you bump into it again.

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

hello carlos 

I have a problems like that. I am using inAppBrowserEvent plugin. After i open jpeg  file with using this plugin. Screen freezes. (IOS 12.1 ,Outsystem 10.0.907.0) 

I can not do anyhting. Kill session and login again