Feedback messages - performance issue when using Firefox

Hi everyone,

I am currently facing a performance issue with feedback messages when using Firefox. When calling a Feedback_Message action (from RichWidgets), it takes several seconds to actually display the message on screen and a few more to hide it when clicking on the cross.

However, it is working fine using Chrome.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Can anything be done to improve performance with Firefox?

Thank you!

Hello Kevin,

I have not faced such issue in the past. Can you share a sample OML with the behavior? Also, have you used the developer tools (profiling/network?) to understand what's going on in terms of script execution and such?

Happy (low)coding!

Hi Kevin,

Never faced a behavior like the one you are describing and I strongly use Firefox with OS apps.

Check if you are using a recent version of Firefox or if you have any add-on installed that is causing the delay (e.g. Anti-Virus).

Hi Kevin,

Can you verify if you have any javascript error, and also verify if this happening to all your module's in Outsystems or only certain module.