Batch Job for populating data in Tables by reading .DAT files


Can we do  Batch jobs for populating data in Tables by reading .DAT files.


The short answer would be: Yes, but it all depends on what is the format of your .DAT file.

With OutSystems:

  • You can create Timers to execute batch jobs asynchronously;
  • You can use the Upload widget to upload files to the server or use something like the FileSystem (or NetworkFileSystem) forge component to access a folder on the server and read a file from there;
  • You can programatically create new records from Entities.

But the most critical aspect of the entire "requirement" is... can the platform understand the contents of your .DAT file?... and for that we need to understand the format of your .DAT file. The platform can easily convert some formats to OutSystems concepts (JSON and Excel are builtin, there are forge components for XML and CSV as well).

Thanks Jorge, For Your Quick Response.

In .DAT file only "~" Separator is used.  Before i have converted DAT file to Excel in my system and able to run Batch job using excel is easy. But now requirement is like user has to choose DAT file from Local Systems and Outsystems has to take care of Converting those files to Excel. I am wondering what will be logic for converting it.

You can convert your binary data into text... and parse/manipulate it manually.

The BinaryData API has a BinaryDataToText action for that sort of conversion.

You may want to check one of these forge components, they may save you most if not all of the work: