I have a screen where I upload Data from an excel spread on to a table record list. I have a column on that table record list, where I've placed a web block that has logic that compares if each record from the spread sheet is already in application. If the record is already in my application, the cell with a web block displays a check icon, if its not already in my application the web block displays an add icon. Now, I want to make a filter in this screen that allows me to only see, in the Table record list,  records that have a check icon or only records that have the add icon. Is there anyway I can do this?

The closest I've gotten to a solution was using a session variable as a special variable in the filter, and when it's set to "Show records already in the application"  I have an IF statement in the aggregate of the web  block 's preparation saying... IF(Session variable = "Show records already in the application", then Data from the spread sheet = Data already in application, else Data from spread sheet is different from Data in application). 



Hello Don,

Depending on the volume of data, one possible option could be to move the logic inside the webblock into the query feeding the table records, by doing a left join (with or without), being then the filter if the right entity identifier (which may or may not have a record) being null or not.

You could then "mark" the record as present or not based on the record being null or not.

Does this help? If not, feel free to share an OML sample so we can take a look.

Happy (low)coding!