Introducing collectables 2/3


Still wondering what that 1/3stands for?

Well, the idea is to bring you several physical assets to help build that ‘community spirit’ we are all looking for. So to add to the carefully-3D-printed-badges, we know that you LOVE stickers nearly as much as we do! So to celebrate that we will be bringing to you a whole book of collectible Neo stickers.

This is an activity that will be taking place at ODC. But don’t you worry, if you aren’t attending ODC we are doing our best to put together an online challenge which will get you your collectible stickers too! Stay tuned for how this will work.

At ODC, you will be able to collect 20 different  stickers by entering a big challenge that OS teams have been preparing. Not to worry, these challenges are fun and designed for you to meet the people behind the scenes and network with them!

While you patiently wait here’s a glimpse at one of the new sticker designs!

Have fun,


Waiting for the online challenge...

I want one !!!

Unfortunately not able to come to ODC, but my time will come to collect all of them :)

Stay tuned and work to get your digital badges first ;)

Think I love the stickers more then the badges. They are nice but hard to put somewhere. Stickers can be stuck on the laptop.

@Evert: you need a big laptop to host 20 stickers :)

Killian, depends on the size of the stickers (-;

I was counting on them to be the same size as my other stickers :).

assumption is the mother of all ......

But I wasn't assuming, I was counting Afbeeldingsresultaat voor laughing smiley android