Upon installing the plugins that I downloaded, Service Studio loads it to around halfway and then this error shows up "Publishing Application: Error publishing Application Dependencies". (See attached).

As of now I have tried to install the Common plugin, the TouchID plugin, the Location plugin and the Barcode plugin. All of them resulted in this same error.

Please advise on how I should solve this issue.


Hi Yelun

It looks like you're trying to install the version 11 of the plugins for your version 10 platform. If you need to upgrade the plugins to the latest available version for your platform click on the "Versions" tab of the components on the forge to see what versions you might be able to install. 

For example for the Common Plugin the lates version you can install is 2.3.0 as opposed to the version 3.0.0 you're trying to install.

Hope this helps!




Thank you for your help, it was indeed the version differences that was causing the problem.