Hi All, is there a way to sign in as an existing end-user to an application (without needing to know their password)?

I have a user who is seeing some issues and would be easier to troubleshoot to sign is as them and see what might be the problem.

I was hoping that the 'http://<SERVERNAME>/Users' would have this functionality and I am sure I have seen it somewhere so maybe this is a setting I have not enabled or maybe I am going crazy?


Hi Andre,

You can set the password from user modules for that users..

Password needed for login because in login screen user_login is implemented


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Rajat, I understand we need a password, I was just hoping there was a 'login as user xxx'  functionality inside the users module or somewhere else that would just use their existing password to sign me in as them - without giving me the details of their password) obviously this would only be available to admin user.

Logic could be created to enable this, but I would be surprised if this is not already available.


Hi Andre,

You can create a logic for it, OS already provide builtin server action with name dologin or login where you only need to pass username not password. It will allow user to login without password but for that you need to implement in your application. By default not provided in user modules.