Dear all,

my client would like to have a search-field which searches thru all text in my web-app.
Does anybody known a way to accomplish this ? Maybe with some oml-meta-data thingy?

Thanks in advance !


Hi Jeroen,

Do you mean like the search in Chrome settings, that'll find any label containing that text? That's a really weird requirement, what's the business case?

It's not possible to do that easily, the only way I can think of is to store all your labels etc. in a seperate database, and query that etc. but especially on mobile this will make a very bad user experience. Personally I'd try to talk your client out of it.

Hi Kilian,

looking at the multi-language stuff, Outsystems knows all my text. So i was wondering if there's any tool (like Outdoc for example) which can search for text in the webapp.
As far as the weird requirement, maybe, but i see a lot of sites on the internet which are using the same search-funtionality :-).......

Hi Jeroen,

Multi-language is not for mobile, and also they're not in the database. Also, Mobile Apps aren't web sites, and the web sites I know that allow searching only search for content, not labels etc.

Hi Kilian,

my mistake?! I'm not talking about mobile :-)
I need a search function for my web-site-application content, just like you see every day :-)

Hi Jeroen,

Not sure why I thought it was mobile. Anyways, the "every day" web search searches through content. And that content is stored in databases, probably NoSQL stuff, and searched from there.To make it perform at all, and to allow searching for multiple keywords, you can't use the out-of-the-box OutSystems Platform functionality, it'll be way to slow.

That said, is that what you're creating, some kind of content management system?

It's not really a content management system, i.e. text is not stored in any entity. So i've to figure out a way to retrieve the content from the 'internal' database.
Still maybe a weird requirement, but i remain curious....

There is no "internal database". Except for the translations of Static Entities, text and translations are stored inside the OML, and probably in some .NET resource file after publishing.