Hi, I have inserted a button in the webpage I want to design with the following css:

.testbutton {
    background-color: transparent;
    border: none;

but I can see a grey line on top of the button. Please help me to make it transparent. Please have a look at the attached image.

Hello Manthan,

Responding to your question probably what you have is a box-shadow, try to review that? 

Now, let me ask you why do you want a button that is transparent (invisible with just a label)? Why not use a Link?

Agree with Davide, 

instead of the button, you should use the link if you don't want background color and border.




Hello Manthan,

Besides what others already pointed you, that if you need to "customize" a button, usually is a better idea to work with a LINK instead, I would like to point you that in general, what you must do is to inspect the page and look in the browser which styles are being applied to the element you wants to change style, in order for you to know which CSS you need to disable or overwrite the existing styles.



Thank You all to solving my problem.