Hi everyone!

I'm having a problem. I'm consuming a SOAP WS and the structure didn't appear in "Structures" section.

It's something strange...

The wsdl is this:

Someone can help me with this? How can I create the structure?

By the way, this WS just have a single method (It's for authentication), so, in that method pappears one input (text, named In0) and one output (text).

This method returns one token that I need to submmit in other methods in another webservice.

In the other webservice (that have a lot of methods) doesn't appears the structures too.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


Hi Ricardo,

Can you elaborate your other webservice, possible can you attach printscreens of both after consumed webservice with methods dont have structures, and wsdl show the input/output parameters.

So you its easy to analysis.

Normally when you consume webservice in Outsystems, it will create structure in Data tab, Structure section below node appear with name of the webservice, inside child have the list of structures which uses in that webservice.



If I look quickly I see some imports, OutSystems doesn't like complex wdsl with imports very much. i'm afraid you have to write a .Net extension consuming this wdsl and exposing a simple interface to OutSystems.


@Balu: Yes, I think that tomorrow I can do that. I need to be connected to other interface.

@Wim: You think that is a goood choice to talk with my client to change the wsdl structure to not havi imports?

Thanks both by the way! ;)

If that is a possibility then I would go that way, I did some work on an extension consuming webservices and it's not a fun thing to do :-) I think they used some strange structure in defining the webservice so that's why it did some import, had the same when I was doing some stuff with Navision generated webservices, sometimes it wouln't work because the Navision devs used some non standard type, changing it to a normal string or integer type would fix the issue. 



If you have a sensible client, ask him to use REST instead of SOAP :).

I like the wsdl thing for soap a lot, at least you don't need a lot of documentation its (partly) self documenting, but when you can get to a well documented REST service it might be a bit better.


"If you have a sensible client, ask him to use REST instead of SOAP :)." - He isn't too much sensible :D :D


I think that with outsystems it's simple in both aways. This WSDL it's just, for me, mad sense of humor from my client! :D

Thank you both for your help! :)