Black Sreen when created panorama street view


I have issue

I think i success to created panorama street view, but when i saw the result, panorama only show black screen.

It is my code:

src=" &callback=initialize";

var panorama;
 panorama = new google.maps.StreetViewPanorama(
              position: {lat:document.getElementById($parameters.Latitude) , lng:document.getElementById($parameters.Longitude) },
              pov: {heading: 165, pitch: 0},
              zoom: 1

I missed something??

NP: Paramater Map Contain is container ID

Hi Jonatan,

Apart from the $parameters.AttributeName, nothing in your post seems to be OutSystems related...

Can you elaborate what are you trying to achieve and where are you using the Javascript code you showed above?

Are you able to use Panorama Street View by itself (not integrated into an OutSystems application)?

If so, what changed because of the integration with OutSystems?

Have you tried to debug your application? (from what you show, it probably can be done in the Simulator)