Where to keep base URL at one place in Mobile app Outsystems


I have 50+ REST API Consumed from an third-party server in mobile application. Now while I deploy my application from Dev Env to Test, I have to change the Base-URL.

Thus for this specific i have to manually chnage all 50 API URL in TEST Env.
Is there any way to keep Base URL at one-place.




Hi Assif,

If the base URL for all of those 50 methods is the same, then you shouldn't have created a seperate REST API consume for each one, but just a single REST API with all 50 as methods (which is the usual and preferred way). So the only way to have a single base URL is to have a single REST API with multiple Methods.

To rectify your situation, you should copy/paste all the Methods to a single REST API, and do the same for the Structures. Then you can remove all 49 "empty" ones.


Thanks @Kilian,

I moved all my API method under one.