I have a page that has a table record and check box for each record.

At the bottom of the page there is a Button to redirect desired page with the selected values for further queries.

I have done it by Adding Boolean Structure to the entity and created a comma-separated text by looping through the table to get the selected row id.

And afterwards by an sql query to achieve the desired record List.

For example: If i select three Id from the table, in the next page the three selected Id's data will be displayed. I send these three Id by joining like "3,4,5" and afterwards in Advanced sql query, I used 

 "Select  *  from Employee where Id in (3,4,5)".

This is working.  But is it good practice?

Is there any better way to implement this? i mean how to avoid "Screen input parameters of 'List' data type should be avoided" this warning?

Hi Alam,

One solution could be to use a session variable for it.



Hi Alam,

To avoid this you should iterate the list record widget instead of passing the list as a parameter.

Regarding the joining of the id's, gathering the id's to avoid doing multiple queries will indeed improve performance but in exchange the code will be less readable and maintainable.