Outsystems 11 broke tutorial


Recently I've just installed outsystems 11 and attempted the how to build an app in 2 hours, however it seems that the update is not compatible with the tutorial and am unable to run the quick app template. Any idea when will we be expecting a fix or a replacement?

Hi Nicholas, Are you getting an error at a particular point, or does the tutorial not start at all? Can you provide a screenshot of any errors? (You can just paste screenshots into the Reply Box without having to upload them)


Hi Nicolas,

There will be new versions of the Build an App in 2 Hours based on OutSystems 11 coming later this week.  

The Quick App template has a lot of dependencies and cleaning up all the references can take a bit of time.  The new tutorials will be quicker to get started and only add dependencies when needed so that you can always add the latest one and not have to try to manage any upgrades.  Look for the new tutorials on Thursday or Friday.


Alright thanks so much sir! Looking forward to the update!