FullCalendar2 replaced my old FullCalendar

Hi all,

on my developer server, I installed (in a very stupid way) the Full Calendar 2 OAP ...

The environment alerted me, but I forced the installation ... thought that I would have 2 "different" calendars and switch my app from the old one to the new one.

Unfortunately not ... the "old" calendar was overwritten and, now, all my Apps are missing that dependency.

Is there a way to "roll back" uninstalling the Full Calendar 2 and re-install the old FullCalendarWebBlock ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Luca,

In the end, applications contain eSpaces, and for every eSpace there's a history of versions. You can publish an older version, or download it, remove the Full Calandar application and upload/publish the old eSpaces again (all from Service Center of course).

Hi Kilian,

I went to Factory > eSpaces and I chosen FullCalendar.

In the versions I clicked on "Publish" of the pre-last version.

Now I don't have any errors opening my old Apps ... but "FullCalendar 2" is still in the list of applications


Well, option 2 I gave, is download the eSpace version that's good (the one you published), manually create a new Application and put that eSpace in it (or, alternatively, create a new Application and move the eSpace to it), and delete the FullCalendar 2 Application. Make sure though you have a backup of the good version of the eSpace before you do that.


hi Kilian,

I'll try your solution ... I'll let you know !

Hi Luca,

Did you get it working?

Hi Kilian !

yes ... it worked as you told me ! Thanks !

I just can't understand the reason why the author didn't call the component with another name, just to have both versions (the "old version" and the "new version") installed ... in that way you could "update" your projects one by one and, after that, delete the old component.

I agree, but that's a question I can't answer :). I'm glad I could be of help.