Images In Forum Posts

I've noticed a lot of forum posts where people will describe an error message or a layout flow and then another poster will have to ask them for a screenshot to aid them.

It wasn't obvious to me when i started posting that you don't need to attach a file as an image, you can simply paste an image into this reply box. You can use Alt + PrtScr for example, or any other method to copy an image to your clipboard, and them pasting here will upload it for you.

e.g. I have just taken a screenshot of the top menu of this site, and can paste it here simply with Ctrl + V:

Hopefully knowing that multiple images can be inserted quickly and easily will aid posters when asking for help :D

This is indeed the preferred way to include images. Be aware though that you need to set the maximum width in case the image is larger than the width of a post (I personally think that's a bit of a bug of the website), because otherwise only a part of the image is shown (unfortunately this happens a lot).