If expression from boolean

Hi Guys, 

I would like to assemble a list of several products. The source is a entity with 

  • Product name (Text)
  • Service 1 (Boolean)
  • Service 2 (Boolean)
  • Service n (Boolean)

The list shall include all ProductServices =

  • Product name + if service 1 is true +if service 2 is true + if service n is true. 

Could you help me with a handsome way to code this?



Hi Tobias,

Do you want to concatenate the different columns and show the result in one column?

If so, while you iterate the List you can use use an expression and concatenate these values with IF statements. 

I am making an example for you.


Hi Shashank, 

indeed! ProductService is one name.

An example would be great!


Hi Tobias,

So I created an Entity with the column you mentioned. In My preparation I used an aggregate on the table, on screen created and EXPRESSION with below statement

ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.ProductName + If(ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service1,ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service1,"")+ If(ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service2,ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service2,"")

See if this helps, if not let me know for more details.


Thank you! 

The solution works.

The output shows

Product --> Service --> True 


Product --> Service --> "Blank" 

iIs there a chance to hide the blanks and only show the "truth"?


Good that it worked out for you.

Yes, you can hide the "Blank" by just use "" in the else part. Here is my output

Updated condition

ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.ProductName + If(ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service1,"- " + ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service1,"")+ If(ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service2,"- " +ListRecords1.List.Current.ProductData.Service2,"")



Thank you so much for your help!!!

You are welcome...!