Batch Job By loading Local Systems Excel file


I got stuck in Between of Batch Job. Here my requirement is like at a Specific given time Batch Job Should load Excel file which is located in my local system at any specified file location to Run a Batch Job and populate all data in your give table. Is it possible here. 

Please help 



Hi Ravi,

OutSystems software runs on a server. How do you suppose the server could access something that's on your local system? Note this has absolutely nothing to do with OutSystems per se. This is just basic understanding of how stuff works with a client/server architecture.

Hi Kilian,

In Given Logic, when user is trying to Run  BatchJob then everytime user has to upload new data in Resource. And in ExcelToRecordList, i have given file location as  Resource.content. for removing this challenge i was trying to make a Site Variable and in that i will give IPaddress followed by Path of file in Local System from there it will pull data and Populate in Table.


Hi Ravi,

That means that 1) the server must have access to all local computers (great security risk! and not possible if the server is not in the same network), 2) the local computers must be kept switched on (also not preferable, probably) and 3) the user cannot move/delete the file in the meantime. Additionally, unless you have a fixed path, there's no way to know the path of an uploaded file. For obvious security reasons, the path isn't communicated back to the browser.

Given the above, you must solve it differently. My take would be to store the uploaded Excel files in a special table as binary, then when processing get it from there and afterwards delete it.