Need help with twitter connector in mobile

I want to implement twitter functionality in mobile.

 the main requirement is the user should able to tweet and timeline tweets list filtered by provided text as like below screenshot of outsystems Events app.

Can some one help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Hello Kiran,

You can use the twitter connector available in Forge and integrate it with your mobile app needs.

Just be aware that this component works on the server side and you will need to implement the synchronization processes to ensure the right behavior of your application.

Hope it helps.



Hello Diogo Olival,

  I have already tried that but its not working as my requirement. can you please provide sample  mobile app to do this. it would be a great help. Thanks in advance.


Hello all, 

   I've achieved such functionality by using this component. i have created one web screen with only one input parameter to accept twitter handler and main content  placeholder which contains the expression for script that is used in component. and after that in mobile app screen assigned the url of created web screen to ifrme src property with the twitter handler text for input parameter. this logic gives exact output as like above screenshot of outsystems Events app.