Quick App Template is not compatible with your platform version


I am just starting, doing the build an app in 2 hrs course and have fallen at the first hurdle.

When trying to install the Quick App Template I get the message

"Quick App Template is not compatible with your platform version"

As I have only just installed the IDE and created my OutSystems account I can only guess that the template has not been upodated?


Hi Andy,

What is the Platform version, you are using, i believe that you have Outsystems version 10 in your system, and your trying to install components build with Outsystems version 11.

So download latest Outsystems, below the link


After install in your systems, then try to download Quick App Templete



Hello Andy,

The Quick App Template is still not updated for the version 11 of the platform, unfortunately.
So, for now, not sure you can use it... Would be necessary to download, open the OAP, extract the OML's, open them and see if it is possible to adapt before publishing them...

It seems a little too much effort for who is starting, without knowing even if it would work.

@Balu, it is the contrary. I think the new personal environments are comming already in version 11, but many applications are not yet ready for it, like the Quick App template.


P.S. You can try to FORCE the install, if possible, and see if it works, but I don't think so, as there are some breaking changes between the new version and the previous version of the platform.

Thanks Eduado

I think you are correct my service studio is showing version

But this capability issue with OutSystems own training videos seems to be a massive 'own goal'. 

If as a brand new user I cannot even do the simplest course it's not a great advert.

Is there a contact at OS I can raise this with...or do they monitor these threads?

Hi Andy,

I already alerted them. Let's see if they know a simple workaround or solution for this problem. :)


Hi Andy,

As far as I can tell, this has to do with changes to Silk UI Mobile (now OutSystems UI Mobile), that break the template module. Fortunately it is just a matter of refreshing dependencies (which will sort out the references to old, previously deprecated and now inexistent patterns), as none of the problematic dependencies was being used.

I believe you can safely Force install the QuickApp Template application itself from the Forge, with no issues. I didn't check if its dependencies had issues as well, but it didn't seem so. Once you do this you will need to fix the problematic dependencies (refreshing all dependencies should be enough).

Meanwhile I've modified the original application to not have problematic dependencies, and in the process removed an unused functionality (removing Notifications from the QuickApp Template had been in the backlog for a while now). You can find this module (for version 10) attached. It should upgrade with no issues to version 11 (you may need to refresh dependencies after installing).

If you want to install the attached module, you will need to make sure the dependencies are already installed (if they are not, try installing them manually in this order, might save you some time: Pin Code, Profile Utils, Location Plugin, Google Maps Mobile).