Getting error in application after OS 11 update


After updating my personal environment from OS10 to OS11 version, I am getting error in my applications.
Previously it was working fine.
App is compiled and deployed successfully.
But after I run app, its giving error as follows:

No cached manifest found. It's not possible to rollback to a previous version.

I have updated all the dependencies. But still getting these errors.

Can anyone help how to solve that?

Palak Patel

Hi Palak,

Did you do what was suggested in this post



Hello Palak,

Are you talking about Mobile apps?

I would say that the solution to this problem is:

1. Uninstall the app

2. Install it again...


Not sure if there is anything else you can do. You can try to just install over the actual one, but sometimes this does not work...

EDIT: If the problem is when testing in the Chrome a mobile app, the solution pointed by Marcelo may be of help. But if you are getting this error in the app in mobile, I think only solution is reinstalling the app...