Personal environment down. Need Outsystems support to recover

Hello. My personal environment was down (Service Unavailable): . Can Outsystems please help to recover my personal environment? Thank you.

When I tried to open my Personal Environment ( again, I was redirected to and there was this error (refer attached picture).

When I go to , this is what I see:

Please assist. Thank you

Hi vincentf,

If your personal environment is gone to sleep mode i.e. not used for long time you can awake your environment by login to, then find awake button somewhere in Platform tab -> Home -> Personal Environment.


Apart from that Outsystems will inform you, regarding your environment timeout through mail in which you can find the reason and link to awake your environment.

If above is not your case please refer this link:

Hope it helps you.

Benjith Sam


Outsystems support solved my problem in about an hour. Thank you so much! Great service and support!