How to show calendar like this?


I want to show calendar like this for my web application.

When I select a date, it should show me the events of that date. How to achieve this?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

That is not gonna work. We need full calendar control.

Hi Suraj,

Regarding the events, this should be easily achievable since the Calendar widget has an entry for Events as you can see in the documentation of this pattern.

Regarding the layout, you can do it through CSS. The documentation link above also explains which classes are involved in this widget.



Thanks Joao but I'm clearly looking for this Web application and not for mobile.

Calendar control which is available for web is always comes with some widget i.e. it is clickable calendar on that input.

Here I want to show the calendar irrespective of any input widget.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Why not develop a full calendar utility using web blocks that will show calendar events and allow user to edit/add events in a DRAFT mode.