On Windows the Service Studio settings are stored in C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 11.0\Settings.xml.

Where is the equivalent file on the Mac? I am using the latest v11 technical preview.


Hey Steven,

The Mac tech preview is a build of OutSystems on top of a patched version of Wine (a Windows emulator).  You can find your settings.xml here:

/Applications/OutSystems Service Studio.app/Contents/Resources/OutSystems Service Studio.app/Contents/Resources/wine-prefix/drive_c/users/$(whoami)/Local Settings/Application Data/OutSystems/ServiceStudio 11.0/Settings.xml

If you are using Finder to get there, you will need to right click on the .app files and select "Show Package Contents"

Hope that helps!


Hi Craig,

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to find the file. Now I see that the OutSystems directory in that path is an alias that points to this location outside the package at:

/Users/$(whoami)/.outsystems/drive_c/users/$(whoami)/Local Settings/Application Data/OutSystems

The Settings.xml file is stored there so it is retained even if the application is deleted.