Static Entity is not returning proper results for multilingual case

Hello All,

I have a static Entity whose 1 attribute is mapped to a foreign Key-> that too is a static Entity Identifier.

I had used an aggregate where if an input parameter matches with the Foreign Key attribute value then it has to provide me value as not null value otherwise it will be the null value.

The problem is: suppose Forignkey=9

When we check the value for language- English, we get proper results, i.e. Not Null value

However, if we change the page locale to some other Languages, say Spanish, it always gives us null values.

Any idea on this! 


Hi Deepti,

Need more clarification on your question - Are you changing languages from dropdown to check value is null or not?

Please share your aggregate screenshot to better understand, so we can help you.


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Deepti,

You may want to check that element definition in the multi language section. 

Could it be that the static element is set to be translated and no translation has been provided?