How to add search autocomplete in dropdown

i want to add search autocomplete in dropdown, but the data is get from rest API anyone know how to add that?

Hi Erron,

You can use "Select2" silk control.




Hello Erron,

If you're talking about mobile (it is always good to specify if it is mobile or web), you can use this component from FORGE:

And take a look here for a discussion this:

Be aware that I-m not sure the component is a drop down or an input with a list associated (never used it).

For web, besides Select2 for use with Combo Boxes, but that requires all the items to be present in the HTML (what may not be what you want), you can also use the input auto complete:


Hi There

I have used Select2, but my list is more than 1500+records, can anyone tell me how to index or fast load it?


Hi, We have solved this via the following method in a Web applcation.

- Use a standard Input box and map it to a separate text field (named SearchKey for example)

- Use the RichWidgets/Input_AutoComplete block (it supports deboucing which is nice) and map it to a ID field of your autocomplete List

- Create a server action that returns a list of records based on the SearchKey variable

- Map the list to the Autocomplete block via the action "Input_AutoComplete_ShowList"

- Get the selected record via the action "Input_AutoComplete_GetIdentifier"

That should be it.

Is should now look like this;

can this approach be used in reactive web app

Hi Please have a look at this OML.


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