Hey guys,

So I came across what is called an InternalError today in my project (Web App). Luckily, it was a simple fix in my case. I searched on the Forums and it doesn't seem that anyone has posted about this particular error that I was having so I thought I would make one. Keep in mind that there are several reasons you could be getting an InternalError. I am just going to be describing ONE of those possibilities. 

In my case, within my Webscreen I have a local variable UserRequestId that is type UserRequest Identifier (I have an entity UserRequest). I have an Expression widget connected to this variable which displays the Approved attribute of the UserRequest, which is 


Now, you may already see why this could become an issue. In my Preparation, I don't assign UserRequestId any value so it is just Null. Therefore, when GetUserRequest() tries to use this variable to retrieve the information of the record, it can't. This is why when I would try to load this screen I would get an InternalError, which didn't provide any description of why the error was occurring or give any hints. Luckily, it didn't take me long to realize the stupid mistake I had made, but something like this could be hard to track down especially if you had made a bunch of changes to your project all at once. 

I hope this post helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. I tried to describe things the best I could.