Accessing Out parameter and result set though advance sql for sql server DB.

Our existing application has find stored procedures. 

find stored procedures are the stored find stored procedures which returns resultset and also set value of out parameters ,such as , total number of records and others as they also support the pagination. 

As our existing application uses these highly optimized SPs and make just one call to get resultsset and pagination details, it is faster then Outsystems application. Outsystems aggregates are way slow in comparison to SP hence it makes sense to call these SPs. 

How can I access resultset and OUT parameter of single call. 

I know other work around. I am just looking for exact solution if somebody is aware of it. 

Hi Shailendra,

You can call SQL Server stored procedures in outsystems service studio itself. Yes on single call you will get Stored procedure returning a Result Set. Find screen shot for more reference. 


This is does not server the purpose. I did not multiple times. 

My SP call returns resultset and count of number of records in out parameter. 

You did not understand the question , I seems.