JWT Module outdated

It seems, that the JWT Module is no longer supported by Outsystems 11. Is there an alternative in Outsystems 11 to create, sign and verify jwt or ist the Module going to be updated soon?

Hi David,

You can best ask questions about a certain Forge component in that component's subforum. That said, what do you mean by it being "no longer supported"? You should be able to just upgrade it (and if you have it installed, it should've been auto-upgraded)?

The Update to Outsystems 11 just breaks our running application. We think this happens because of the dependency to this module (JWT), which seems to be incompatible with Version 11 of Outsystems.

In the Factory is written, that the module was not published after the upgrade to Outsystems 11. But if we try to republish the module we get some .net compiler errors. Same is true for the ZXing  Module!



If you can't wait until the author of the module makes it compatible with OS11, you can follow these steps:

- Ensure you have visual studio 2015 or 2017 installed (free communiity edition will do)

- Edit the extension JWT_Core in the application in Integration Studio 11

- Press the Update source code button, and then on the window shown press edit source code

- In Visual Studio goto menu Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Manage NuGet packages for solution

- Select all packages in the Update Tab and update them

- Rebuild the solution & close Visual Studio

- Back in Integration Studio press the 1 click publish button to build and deploy the updated version.




The JWT module has been updated to support Outsystems 11, but the official Box Connector no longer supports that (it uses an deprecated implementation of the JWT extension). If you use Box Connector v2 you won't have such problems and have better JWT support and mode features.