To set the value of request parameter in session variable


I want to set the value of request parameter(URL parameter) in session variable, how do we achieve this.?

Is there any built-in function in outsystems like we have in java- request.getParameter().?

Regards, Gurpreet

Hi Gurpreet,

In OutSystems did you try following? 


It will give you entire URL with paramters.


Hi Gurpreet,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Screen Parameters are passed in the URL, so any URL parameter of a Screen you want to have available should be defined as Input Parameter of that Screen. Putting it in a Session Variable is then as simple as using an Assign.

Hi Gurpreet,

This is simple, Screen have input parameter, use input parameter to set session variable, here TestClient screen have, ClientId url parameter, so inside preparation set this to session.



Hi Balu,

That's what I already said, right? Why post almost exactly the same an hour later?