Your Third Quarter 2018 - Ideas Are a Wrap

Hi Community,

Another quarter has passed, which means another quarter of putting your valuable ideas into action. Now, it’s time to share what we’ve done. For starters, we released OutSystems 11, our major annual release that delivers new advanced capabilities to help organizations modernize legacy systems and replace large application portfolios. 

We also rebranded the what’s new page with the most important released features, most of which rolled out thanks to your ideas.

Plus, we whipped up three cool new badges: one for writing an online review, another for going to ODC, and a badge for speakers. 

                         As for the Ideas Board, let's look at what you did in Q3.  


Comment out logic/disable tools in action flow

Service Studio

This idea was released in OutSystems 11, and you can now disable code with a simple right-click! 

This idea in had 354 likes and more than 2,335 views!

Folders for entity and structure

Service Studio

This idea was also released in OutSystems 11. You can now create folders almost everywhere, including entities and structures. This idea had more than 153 likes and more than 1,000 views.

Now, here’s the list of all the ideas we implemented in Q3 by category.

Aggregates and Queries


Built-In and User Functions


Community Forums



Install Processes



Service Studio

OutSystems UI Framework (formerly Silk)



System Components 


Look at all the ideas we are currently working on: 

Community Forge

  1. App-like repositories

  2. “Save for later” action for components

  3. Add discussion possibility between developers in Forge

  4. Forge improvements

  5. Making the Forge user-friendly

  6. Adding a similar or related components list

  7. Publish ECT as a Forge application

  8. Make description mandatory for Forge components

  9. An approval process for Forge components 

  10. Add a "following" filter to the Forge 

  11. Add ability to report bad items in Forge

  12. A tab to show who reviewed/rated your component

  13. Add the date in discussion list for Forge components

  14. Provide feedback option for Forge components

  15. Achievement badges for Forge

  16. More control over what gets released on Forge

  17. More collaboration features for published components

  18. Forge analytics

  19. Keep track of deprecated/renamed Forge components


  1. Improve the Calendar widget (OutSystems UI framework)

  2. Support recursion in WSDL files (Integration)

  3. Support CSS variables in Service Studio (Front-end)

  4. Standardized placeholder names for OutSystems UI framework components (OutSystems UI framework)

  5. Create more column structures in OutSystems UI framework (OutSystems UI framework)

  6. Constantly show PC size of windows by an external parameter in OutSystems UI framework (OutSystems UI framework)

  7. Aggregate data results in debug mode use current variable values for test values (Debugger)

  8. Allow negative CSS values (Frontend)

  9. Put the label "Cycle" in the middle of the arrow (Service Studio)

  10. Parameterize Silk UI modals to support multiple modals (OutSystems UI framework)

  11. Ability to export resources in Service Studio (Service Studio)

  12. Ability to create a new screen when adding destination node (Frontend)

  13. Add tests to training courses. (Training)

  14. Create a filter by difficulty level on the learn courses pages (Training)

  15. Add a select possibility for the level of courses (Training)

  16. Custom colors for tile icons (Components)

What Can’t Be Done

Sorry, but we can’t implement every idea.

  • Improve the XML component

  • Add static entity support to extensions

  • Support cookie-based web services authentication

  • Define the Service Studio default version

  • Create stubs from web references

  • Add new split view mode for web screen and screen actions in Service Studio

  • View table content directly from the platform.

  • Add full entity support/integration for other database options such as DB2 and postgreSQL

  • Compare and show the differences in two actions on the same eSpace

  • Add ability to import an access database as entities

  • Create wrappers from web services and extensions

  • Allow a linear code view/edit mode in actions

  • Import from and export to Outlook contacts

  • Support for WCF web service

  • Provide API to retrieve ANP timesheet per user per project per day

  • Certification level based on community activity

  • ConfigurationData web service internal access only by default

  • Add ability to merge and clone extensions in Integration Studio

  • ODBC integration

  • Add ability to publish and redeploy all consumers in Integration Studio

  • Integration Studio upload functionality

  • Siebel Integration

  • Add ability to refresh all entities in Integration Studio

  • Add ability to search for extension name in Integration Studio

  • Consume additional web service types

  • Allow definition and management of constant values associated with an extension

  • Add ability to refresh web services

  • Add ability to open an eSpace in version 7.0 and "Save As" in a previous version

  • Add ability to select or unselect all fields in Integration Studio

  • Reuse Service Studio authentication in Integration Studio

  • Data type sorting in Integration Studio

  • Cloud file storage built into the platform

  • Dynamic schemas on the extension

  • Add ability to consume REST API services with XML

  • WSDL changes in web references should be checked in "outdated references"

  • Add ability to expose a REST API web service as a public action in Service Studio

  • Ability to add notes, non-graphical reminders, to elements

  • Integration Studio explains which configuration is not correct

  • Ability to search extension/eSpace names in Forge

  • Format JSON in REST API method editor

  • Add ability to merge by component unit

  • Add Personal Edition options

  • Ability to add a custom brand logo to REST API documentation page

  • Ability to use Pascal/Camel casing and Underscore casing interchangeably when exposing REST API

  • Add the ability to create a REST API documentation for multiple web services in Service Studio

  • Add the ability to change structure name when exposing REST APIs

  • Add a tab to show who downloaded your component that’s visible to the owner/team

  • Add a collaboration chat for component team

  • Independent modules that can be unreferenceable

  • Idea of the month

  • A duplicate option 

  • Allow multiple table selection for “Refresh Entity” in Integration Studio

  • List of variables display as a drop-down

  • Forge API

  • Flowchart join node

  • Add pending action indicator/tab notifications

  • Service Studio application dashboard display options

  • Add number of error line

  • One-click beautify code

  • Multiple select option for assign node while splitting assignments

  • Displayed time on OS website

  • When copying eSpace elements to another eSpace, allow the copy of dependency elements

  • Add a Phyton extension

  • Show page and action level warning/error messages/indicators

  • WSDL import support for unbounded attributes inside other unbounded attributes

  • Ability to star questions in forum

What's your big idea?


If you've got an idea for OutSystems, please let us know. Thanks, everyone!

I'm gonna answer just to get this of the "unanswered" list :). Great work, as always!