undo merge and publish overwritten latest version


Is this behavior a bug? 

When I try to publish and merge and there is conflict that leads to screen errors I want to undo this merge and try merge differently. But when I click undo merge and then publish there is no more merge screen and my version overwrites current one.

Am I doing it wrong?


You can manually compare your eSpace with the currently published version, just use the  button, or press CTRL+M.

Hi Carlos,

Yes I can but then I should always do that to prevent merge errors on publish when several devs are working simultaneously? 

And what should I do if merge is already failed and I have app with lots of errors that are not quick fix?

Well, if their work can mess up yours, then yes, I guess that's the best solution.

but in this case there is no way back if I already clicked merge but it messed my screens? Or I can undo, save , restart ServiceStudio, load my version and publish again - then merge screen should appear again? 

It is strange that undo an action and repeating steps leads to different results. I would expect after undo merge and immediate publish the same merge dialog. that's why I'm curious if it is a bug.

The problem with the 1-click publish button is that it's an "atomic" operation, it does the compare/merge step, then proceeds to the publish step, even if you use the undo button between both steps, it'll still proceed to the next step.

That's why there's the Compare/Merge button, so you can do that as many times as you need without messing up the running version.

Thank you Carlos,

So if I've forgot to use it and and up with errors after merge I can undo, use "compare/merge" to merge without errors, publish again without worrying to overwrite something :)