Separate words in string with uppercase

Hello everyone...

I have "FeesArePaid" string and I want to get "Fees Are Paid". How can I separate the string by uppercase?

You could use Regex_Search from text dependencies and put "[A-Z]" as pattern to check the capital letter.

Then Substr based on Regex_Search found index as Substr index.


Hi Stepan,

The easiest way would be to do this to use the regular expression split with the following expresssion.

  1. Download the forge component RegEx_Split
  2. Add depencency to Regex_Split server action 
  3. Add dependency to SplitText structure
  4. Use the following regex expression "(?<!^)(?=[A-Z](?![A-Z]|$))" 
  5. Now use String_Join to join the list returned in step 4 with a " " as seperator.