I am using Web Blocks to display some common Combo lists that are used in different search filters.

OS suggest using a Session Variable to store the Source Attribute of Inputs and Combos where the variable needs to be shared across Web Blocks or pages.

Given the Session expires after 20 minutes, it is quite possible that after the user has selected filter values the session expires before the search button is clicked.  The search then returns data not represented by the values shown in the filter Combo boxes.

Is there a recommended / best practice pattern that addresses this, while still allowing the Input and Combo default values to be used in a search that guarantees the search Action will always adopt the values shown in the browser Combo and Input fields?

Any suggestions or advice welcome - Thanks 



Hi Charles,

If the session is no longer valid, the user won't be logged in anymore! So, provided you have set up proper Priviliges on the Screen (which you should!), the user will be redirected to the Login Screen.


Hi Kilian

That sounds obvious and correct - thanks for pointing it out.  

It looks like we have set our User Provider eSpace to have an extended Session Timeout...