notify action is not showing

notify action is not showing



i am learing [Web Blocks and UI Reusability Exercise]

in Lesson Materials , page No.15 ,have this.

b) Use the Search Box to find the Notify Action. Drag and drop it to the
StarClicked Action flow.

but notify action is not showing in my studio (version 11.)


Hi Liu,

Goto Manage depandecies,

try this,


Hi Liu

Search don’t find because you are not referenced yet, so go to the navaneethan step first and after make search.



Hi Ming,

This is a good suggestion for improve the tutorial, that you can send to the team.

Also, there is a section where you can search for online course related topics here:


Hi ,Navaneethan 

it was show by you way ,thank you very much .

but it looks likes deprecated in v.11,

i will try another way.