[Google Maps Library] Error using SetZoom Action

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Published on 26 Feb by Labs
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Published on 26 Feb by Labs

Hi, I tried using the SetZoom function but I kept getting an [Object object] error. 

This was my setzoom action to be executed after clicking on a list item.

This was one of the assign buttons in my MapInitialized.

Hey, I believe you should check your map ID. Is the "medicalfacilitiesnearme" name of your map component like below?

I tried to replicate your issue and it works well for me.   

Here what I did:

1. I added map, marker and event for map click

2. Subscribed on MarkerRaisedEvent

3. Inside I do the same:


Hi Alex,

These are my map properties:

Following is the list item which executes the set zoom action

Finally, here are my set zoom parameters:

Can't seem to find the problem :(