Welcoming Craig and Jordan, the new MVPs from Americas

Two years ago we launched the OutSystems MVP Program, and since then, we’ve watched it evolve into the awesome program it is today. Now, we are seeing the OutSystems Community evolve with it, and we’re delighted to see new candidates from the Americas taking an active role in our community.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have two new MVPs joining the program: Craig St. Jean and Jordan Welch.

Craig works at Westfield Insurance, where he is spearheading the effort to rollout OutSystems throughout the company, starting with a new digital portal for their customers. He is also a passionate trainer and an author with Pluralsight. Plus, we’ve heard he plays a mean piano. 

Jordan is an OutSystems developer at Highland Solutions in Chicago. He got his start with OutSystems while working in IT support, building internal business process applications. Now at Highland, he is able to build beautiful customer-facing applications as well as powerful internal solutions.  Jordan is a creative problem-solver, which is why he enjoys software development. His goal: to make digital lives simpler. 

A special thanks to Craig and Jordan for the commitment and work they’ve put in to become MVPs. Welcome aboard, MVPs!


Thank you,

Your Community Team

Welcome both! :)

Hi, welcome!

Congratulations to the both of you!

Congratulation Craig and Jorden !  :)

Welcome aboard!

Congratulations, looking forward to your contributions to the community.

Thank you everyone!

Congratulations to both of you :)


Welcome both! :D

Congratulations Craig and Jordan and good luck!

Congratulations both of you..

Welcome you guys!


Congrats both of you

Congratulation Craig and Jorden !  :)

Congratulation Craig and Jorden ! 

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