Sync question with SQLServer using triggers

I hope I can describe this well.  I have a Tables 'Booked Customers', 'Salesman Bookings', 'Customers' and a view 'Distinct Customers'

When a booking is entered into Salesman Bookings a trigger is fired and the 'Booked Customers' table is updated if the customer is not already in the table it is added.

When I sync from the handheld items that completed in the salesman bookings are removed from handheld,  Unfortunately, the customer information is not removed.  How can I fix this.  

Enclosed is the oml


Hey Andrew,

Are you referring to your SyncOnClick under Accounts?  I noticed your SyncLocaltbl_BookedCustomerss is not called from OfflineDataSync (or anything else at the moment) - is that the specific sync you are having issues with?