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I'm doing some usability test using Internet Explorer 11. I noticed some messages in the console (please see below screenshot).

For DOM7011: I've read a post that I should just disable the Compatibility View under tools.

                        The javascripts are working but still this warning is being listed.

For SEC7115:  I've read that it's due to warning for security risk to users (css :visit etc.)

For XML5632:  I've noticed that this is being triggered every time an ajax refresh has been triggerred

For Script1004: I've noticed that it points to the below javascript in the debugger mode:

                                      (function (global) {
                                             global.outsystems = global.outsystems || {};
                                             global.outsystems.internal = global.outsystems.internal || {};

May I kindly ask for comments on this?If these warnings will post an issue to user experience/data security(how severe)? Although most of our users/clients are using Google Chrome, there are others that still perefer IE.

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Additional information:

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