How to obtain alphanumeric value from the given range?


I am working on table records, which consist of two fields "From" and "To" (Eg: From- AAA ,To- ABZ or From- AB1, To- AB10) alphanumeric data type. 

Could some one suggest how to obtain range in the below given format:


- AB1,AB2,..AB10

I tried converting alphanumeric values into hexadecimal values using JavaScript,But i am not able to obtain the required  format (AAA,AAB,..AAZ,ABA..ABZ or AB1,AB2,..AB10 ).

Hi Shruthi,

You can use a javascript method to compose your dropdown and make the logic to assign values into the correct variable. Or you can use database to generate your list of alphanumeric values.


Regex (regular expressions) my friend! They are found in the Text extension.

You can learn/test out on the following site:

Hi Shruthi,

I generated a demo webapp that contains the function that can generate the lists your want, no need for javascript or regular extension, pure Outsystems low code.