Hi everyone,
I have created a Mobile app module in Outsystems and have added theming and styles to main elements and screens.
I'd like to be able to share this with my teammates so they can work on it independently. I have the theme CSS file and the fonts/logos. I could ZIP them and share that way, but my teammates would still have to integrate the fonts and the logos and build some of the screens. 

Is there a way to share my theme and screens with my team? I'd like for my team to be able to click "add screen" and it already be styled with fonts & logos integrated, like a template. Is that possible? I saw the 'Download" link in the "Development" tab but I couldn't find where it's possible to install it from the downloaded file.
Any advice is greatly appreciated! 


Thanks! That did it.
1 more quick question... In the future, after building many modules with the template... what if I need to update the template? Will it also update the modules using that template?


Hi Bryan,

Yes it will. Because the themes from all those modules will depend from the theme of your template. But as every other dependencies on Outsystems you will need to republish your modules.