How to create a popup with blank screen?

Hi all, I would like to create a popup screen with blank/nothing inside. I know now to create a popup but I only can select "screen" page when i set the button Destination, how to select a WebBlock as a popup windows ? 


Hi test ac,

Note: The link destination would always be Screen, Action or External Url.

Reason: Web block is just a part/section of a screen which you can't set as a destination to the link or flow.

You can add web block to the popup screen as described in the below screen shot:

1) Set Screen main container as Layout_Popup (web block)

2) Introduce the blank web block which you want in the MainContent of the popup.

Hope it helps!

Kind Regards,

Benjith Sam 

Hi test ac,

You can create popup screen as Sam suggested but if you do not have any content of popup screen then while loading popup it will show "loading" and popup page will not load. To fix this you can put a dummy expression in your popup page and give extended property for this expression "visibility:hidden;"

I just created a sample for you, you can refer it.