Issues in Outsystems 11 Version

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Issue 1:

The below following is not working in OS11:

" (" + DateTime_PrettyFormat(CommentList.List.Current.UserMovieComment. TimeStamp)+ ")"

It is one of the steps in online training and the details are given below:

*** Outsystems web developer online training ***

15.Screen Lifecycle Ajax Interaction Exercise Materials:

        Screen Lifecycle Ajax Interaction Exercise:

        Page number : 9

Issue 2:

in OUtsystems 11 for Run Server Action:

On the Select Action dialog, i am not able to find ‘Input_FocusFirstInvalid’

Issue 3:

Not able to run the module in debug mode.. System says i need to change the setting of the  modue in service center.. where can i find the service center to change the debug settings.

Kindly assist me on the same.

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Uday Bhaskar S


  1. What exactly do you mean by "it's not working"? Are you getting any error messages?
  2. You have to add a reference to that action before being able to use it:
  3. You can get to Service Center by clicking the button below:

Hello Uday Bhaskar

In order to help all the users forum to track the different subjects and solutions, would be better, in the future, to open one post for each subject

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Same problem here. See attached image clearly showing that the DateTime_PrettyFormat() function is undefined.

Marty Scholes

Did you add the reference to DateTime_PrettyFormat from RichWidgets to your espace?

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Thanks for the quick reply. That seemed to work. Did I miss the note on that in the tutorial?

Thanks again.

Not sure, could be the case

Glad I could be of assistance

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