[Refactor] Can we use this to migrate tables created outside Outsystems to ESpace entities

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Published on 2018-09-21 by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 2018-09-21 by Ricardo Silva


We have a legacy .NET application with lot of tables in database.

We want to replicate these in our Outsystems cloud along with the database. 

I have mentioned the problem in detail over here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/41147/data-migration-to-outsystems-cloud-from-a-on-premise-database/#Post147913

So - is it possible to convert tables created outside OutSystems to eSpace entities in OutSystems cloud using 'ReFactor''?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chetan,

A bit late with a response, perhaps you already succeeded.

I never did try myself using Refactor,  but reading the steps in the "Convert foreign entity tab" suggest you can do this, by first generating an extension where you use the wizard to generate entities to expose your foreign tables as entities in OutSystems.

Then next you have to follow the instructions as described on "Convert foreign entity tab"