How do you use a List_SortColumn with a static entity?

Is it possible to use a List_SortColumn with a static entity?  Ordinarily you put "{entity}.[attribute]" but "{entity}.[record/label]" doesn't work for a static entity.

Here it is working perfectly EDIT (but only in TESTING, not in the RUNTIME).

Entity1 is a Static Entity. I add a test value to see if it worked, and It is working.


Sorry. It works in the TEST, but not in the TABLE Rercods, as you pointed.
I'll try to see what is happening.

EDIT 2: lol Sorry, I used an app that already existed to test and it had an overlay that prevented the click in the column. IT is working as expected.


Just to be sure,

Did you set the dynamic filter in the aggregate, like this:

If so, did you changed the column name AFTER login in the app? As this information is stored in a session variable, you may need to logout / login the application to make it see the new value.


Ah yes, that was it! Thank you!!!