Extra error messages since upgrade

HI All, 

Since upgrading to v11 I have been getting a number of error log messages for eSpace LifeTimeEngine at times when no one is using the application. Also my system usage has rocketed up from around 65% to 94% even though I've deleted all espaces using OneClickCleanup. 

Any ideas as to why?

Module with key d7b9f4a7-e261-47b7-ae43-ac45c415dbfc was not found.
   at ssLifeTimeCore.Actions.CcPlatformServicesAPICallbacks.FlowPlatformServicesAPIActionOnAfterResponse(HeContext heContext, STHTTPResponseStructure inParamResponse, STHTTPResponseStructure& outParamCustomizedResponse)
   at ssLifeTimeCore.CcPlatformServicesAPI.ActionModule_GetRunningProducers(HeContext heContext, ICcPlatformServicesAPICallbacks _callbacks, String inParamModuleKey, String inParamAuthorization, String inParamEnvironmentName, String inParamProtocol, String inParamHostname, STModule_GetRunningProducersResponseStructure& outParamResponse)


Since OneClickCleanup is an forge-component that is not "supported" by outsystems I am afraid there is some "bug" in the code.

So chances are not everything is removed properly on every place.

I suggest to discuss it with the forge-component owner to tackle this issue.

Hi Andrew,

In my P11 environment, this error also occurs. 

The error reference is pointing to LifeTimeEngine, maybe related to upgrade.