Mobile - Taking Keyboard Input from RFID device and Populating List


I am developing a mobile app and currently am trying to create a screen where the user uses a Bluetooth connected RFID scanning device (acting as a keyboard) to populate a list.

Currently, I have it working where the RFID reader takes the information and populates an input field, and that input field automatically adds it to the list.

What I want to do is to skip having to populate an input field. Is it possible for me to scan something and for the input to directly populate a list without an input field taking up space on the screen?

Any ideas appreciated,

Hi Ala,

Can't you directly use that method's output which is adding value in the input field?

I don't know how its been implemented and how you are adding that value to input, but the best way is find that method which is adding your input value and use it to append to your list directly.
After that you can be able to remove the text box.

After doing so, if you are still not able to make it work then please share some more details i.e. development image or OML file so that we can help you better.

Palak Patel

Hey Palak,

Thanks for the reply. I have done what you've suggested and had success. However,
I'm running into another issue now, because it seems that different keyboard events are treated differently across different devices. My RFID reader works when I focus on an input field and scan items, but the new problem is that I have to rely on an input field, which causes the Android soft keyboard to constantly pop up.

Otherwise (without using the input field) , it seems that my RFID reader keyup/keydown events are registered differently when I test the app on the chrome emulator vs on my android itself.

I want to be able to autofocus on an input field without the keyboard popping up. My RFID reader is configured to be a keyboard input device, so I really don't understand why the soft-keyboard still pops up.

Sorry about not providing an OML file, I have been very occupied with this issue and it seems that more challenges are coming up.


Hi Ala,

I can understand your situation where you want to click the input but don't want to popup keyboard.

My quick suggestion is, OnFocus of input, just call OnBlur event of input.

The issue you are facing is not depending on OutSystems platform, but its general functionality of mobile devices. Please go through the following link which is having specifically the same issue.

Palak Patel